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Psychologist, Consultant, and
Lifelong Change Agent

Change starts with one individual who is bold enough to dream for a better tomorrow… to hope that it is possible… to dare to plan and execute a vision…and to create a practical manifestation of what once was a dream.

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe

I'm Dr. Sarah,

Your new favorite mental health expert.

All too often, I see the glimpse of an idea…a fleeting thought…a quick reflection of what “could be.” Every day, I see the potential of these ideas, thoughts, and reflections transformed to reality for so many individuals. As a licensed psychologist, I am blessed to work with parents, children, adults who dared to believe that they could make a change in themselves or families.

I am most honored and humbled that I had an opportunity to guide each individual in their journey towards  their better future. Whether it were a repaired relationship, a warmer, more supportive family environment, or more empowered sense of self…each change offered a ripple effect that impacted their loved ones and communities. These many experiences inspire me daily to see the power of an idea, thought, or dream of what could be…and fuel my passion to guide individuals in manifesting their dreams!



KBC has helped me push past my fears of becoming a business owner. KBC is giving me the tools to analyze each step in order to build a strong foundation, in order to have a long-lasting business. My experience with Dr. Mac has been a challenging yet effective experience. She has guided me into forming a solid vision for my business and has helped me progress in ways I’ve never imagined. 


Dr. Mac's involvement and participation with our mentees and trainees were invaluable to their professional development through her sharing of her knowledge and expertise in private practice and business development.


The Change Agent Mentor program has impacted my life during these difficult times to connect with other ladies my age and express about transitioning to life after college and encouraging me to adjust to this new lifestyle with no worries. Dr. Mac is wonderful! She uplifts and encourages us to tbe the best women we can be. She always knows just what to say, to make us push ourselves that extra mile to reach our goal. For that, I am very thankful for her


What Matters Most



As a professional, I have the privilege to work closely with parents and families while supporting powerful life changes during the therapeutic process. However, personally, I witnessed these moments in the context of my own personal challenges and victories as a full-time entrepreneur, professional woman, and single mom.


The bravery that I saw as I worked with my patients actually encouraged my daily walk in building a successful psychology and wellness practice in Atlanta, Georgia. 


My first personal God-given dream occurred when I was 11 years old. At that time, I dared to believe that what I saw was actually possible. I challenged my heart and my faith and made decisions to live for the purpose that God placed in my dreams. As I continued this process, I went through incredible trials…teen pregnancy, intimate partner violence, homelessness, suicidal ideation, anxiety, health ailments….all while pursuing my dreams. It is through all these trials that God taught me to navigate intense emotion and, at times, wavering faith to manifest the dream.


Though I am still a work in progress, I know just how important it is to empower and encourage other fresh entrepreneurs, early career professionals, and parents who want to move forward with the vision and purpose that they have been given to impact change for themselves, their families, and the world in some way.


It is my passion and purpose to assist and empower individuals to push their dreams into visions that manifest into reality. I do this in three ways: Change Agent Mentorship, Kingdom Building Consultation, and Public Speaking and Community Collaboration.

Ways to Work With Me


Change Agents Mentorship Program

This is a mentoring program designed for college seniors approaching college graduation in May of each year. The program selects 5 graduates to provide consultation and coaching on their passions and purpose towards their future goals. Mentors are expected to engage in two community service projects that provide public speaking opportunities, empowerment, and mentorship to the next generation.

PowerUP Programs and Community Collaboration 

The PowerUP and Community Collaboration programming were designed to reduce stigma regarding mental illness and promote mental wellness in diverse communities through wellness and empowerment talks to students, providers, communities, or organizations. The program works with community organizations that work to support and uplift diverse youth.


Kingdom Business Consultation

Kingdom Building Consultation further helps the new entrepreneur in navigating the emotional strains that may impact the progression of the new business or project through specific coaching to empower and inspire individuals to move beyond fear and hesitation.

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