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Jumpstart your creativity and vision and step into a life of fulfillment

Jumpstart the Journey from Surviving to Thriving online course is 5-weeks of coaching and consultations, for health and wellness professionals like you, to take you from depleted, drained, and creatively zapped to empowered and motivated to go after your your visionary goals and move towards the impactful, balanced life you crave.

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Get Your Free
Visionary Self-Care Checklist

Are you a visionary!? Do you have a vision or dream that you are working hard to manifest?


Schedule your call to learn more about Jumpstart the Journey from Surviving to Thriving - my 5 week coaching course - and as a follow-up, I'll send you my Free Visionary Self Care Checklist to ensure you have the components to keep you balanced and healthy while continuing to do extraordinary work!


Yes, you are a visionary!

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe

I'm Dr. Sarah,

Your new favorite mental wellness consultant.

Do you notice that you have made incredible impact in your work, but now feel burned out, stress, emotionally drained and a bit apathetic? You are not alone.


Visionaries and health and wellness leaders, such as doctors, nurses, mental health counselors, educators, and coaches, at times, find themselves overwhelmed and overworked. They have lost their creative view of solutions and are stuck in routine. Though we are great at balancing our lives, or maybe not :), we can easily loss our sense of passion and drive.


If you have overcome many challenges to create impact and are a leader in the health and/or wellness field, you may find yourself "surviving"... or living in a place of routine or stagnation after an upward hill climb to get where you are today. It is my purpose to help visionaries reconnect with their purpose and passion to create new dynamic methods of impact while also living a life of self-love, adventure, and peace.

My purpose is simple. To create healing spaces for healers and visionaries for moments of restoration and recharge. And to empower healers and visionaries in their paths towards creating next level impact while thriving in their personal life. 




Consultation with Dr. Sarah Mac has helped me push past my fears of becoming a business owner. Dr. Sarah Mac gives me tools to analyze each step in order to build a strong foundation, and empowers me to maintain a full life to promote a long-lasting impactful business and purpose. My experience with Dr. Sarah Mac has been a challenging yet effective experience. She has guided me into forming a solid vision for my business and has helped me progress in ways I’ve never imagined. 


Dr. Mac's involvement and participation with our mentees and trainees were invaluable to their professional development through her sharing of her knowledge and expertise in private practice and business development.

From Surviving to Thriving Motivational Speaking COMMUNITY COLLABORATOR

The Change Agent Mentor program has impacted my life during these difficult times to connect with other ladies my age and express about transitioning to life after college and encouraging me to adjust to this new lifestyle with no worries. Dr. Mac is wonderful! She uplifts and encourages us to tbe the best women we can be. She always knows just what to say, to make us push ourselves that extra mile to reach our goal. For that, I am very thankful for her


What Matters Most



What matters to me most professionally is to take care of those who takes care of our community. Burnout, Vicarious trauma, and Personal Stress are threats that impact Visionaries and Health and Wellness Leaders

I recognize that when we provide safe spaces and empower healers and visionaries to realign with their purpose, they are better equipped to take care of their communities.

However it REALLY matters that our healers and leaders are living a fulfilled life!! I am excited to see health and wellness leaders THRIVE because you are worth it!


What Matters to Me Most Personally? Well that would be to live a life of full of purpose.  I would like to see that my life aligns so closely to my values of love, legacy, and freedom, that my thoughts, actions, words, and feelings create a life of integrity towards my purpose. 

Mahatma Ghandi said, "A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes" 

What matters to me is that I am always moving closer and closer to a life of purpose, value, and impact. 


What matters to me most as far as my passion is to continue to provide safe healing environments where other health and wellness leaders and visionaries can optimize their impact potential. 


It is my passion and purpose to create empowering and excitable moments so that individuals create next level impact in their fields of health and wellness to promote healing and empowerment to their communities and clients. 

Ways to Work With Me


Change Agents Mentorship Program

The Change Agent Mentor Program is a free 12-month coaching and consultative program designed for young adults ages 20-24. 5 young adults are selected to receive a 2-week intensive, 4 quarterly individual consultations, and 10-monthly workshops that empower the mentors to align with their purpose and engage in that purpose personally and professionally. The mentors also are required to develop and complete a one-year service project to reduce stigma in mental health and wellness. 

Survivor to Thriver Motivational Speaking

The "Survivor to Thriver" Motivational Speaking programming is designed to reduce stigma regarding mental illness and promote mental wellness in diverse communities.  Dr. Sarah Mac collaborates with community groups to promote discussions on self growth, self-development, habit development, wellness development, and leadership development to students, health and wellness providers, communities, or organizations. Public speaking is provided in both in-person and online, virtual formats. Coming Soon, the "Survivor to Thriver" curriculum will be provided in an online course,  online conference, and international retreat format. 


Thrive Consultation

Dr. Sarah Mac provides group and individual Thrive Consultation  to professional health and wellness leaders. Consultation helps health professionals, mental health professionals, and entreprenuers align with their authentic self to reduce burnout, vicarious trauma, and emotional strains that may impact their community impact. The intention of Thrive Consultation is to  empower leaders to create next level impact in their communities.

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