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There are currently 3 ways to work with me

• Change Agent Mentor Program
• "From Surviving to Thriving" Motivational Speaking
• Thrive Consultation

I get so excited when I think of how powerful you are! Join me as we embark on creating next level impact on the healing and development of communities. Change Agents come in different ages and stages, therefore, I have developed 3 programs to specifically impact and develop visionaries and health and wellness change agents.


Change Agents Mentorship Program


Change Agent Mentor Program is a free, 12-month consulting and coaching program designed for young adults ages 20-24. graduates. Mentors are individuals who feel they have a passion that could positively impact their communities or others. We empower, engage, and equip the Change Agent Mentors in a 2-week consultation and coaching program in June of each year. During the 2-week period, the mentors clarify and connect with their values and passion, develop their own power statement and power message, receive coaching on empowering their voice and message, and develop an action plan on applying their empowered plan.

Throughout the 12-months of the Change Agent Mentor Program, mentors receive four, one-on-one consultations that coaches them as they practically meet their yearly goals that align with their passions and purpose. They also receive 10-monthly workshops on topics such as Self growth, self-development, habit development, wellness development, leadership development, community collaboration, public speaking, and communication.

Dr. Sarah Mac and her team of coaches further coach them on the implementation of one service project developed by the mentors with the intention of reducing stigma in mental health and increasing mental wellness. 

From "Surviving to Thriving" Motivational Speaking


Dr. Sarah Mac collaborates with various community agencies, including Perspectives LLC, in providing motivational speaking for youth, health and wellness professionals, parents, entreprenuers, and leaders. The intention of "From Surviving to Thriving" content is to engage communities on topics such as wellness, health, spiritual integration, life balance, and identity development. These speaking engagements are open to groups that vary and include students, business leaders, mental health forums, young adults, mothers, parents, early-career professionals.


The From Surviving to Thriving programs extends to building community networks and collaborations and also includes online conferences, online courses and international retreats. 

Thrive Consultation


Thrive Consultation is specifically designed for individuals in the health and wellness field such as doctors, nurses, coaches, educators, mental health providers and entrepreneurs. The model is developed to explore values, gifts and purpose to build businesses, programs, ideas, projects, and careers that are aligned with purpose. The intention is that dynamic change agents can create next level impact while living fullfilled lives.  The program is based on Jeremiah 29:11 and Habakkuk 2:2-3 and wishes to support clients as they manage the emotional and faith process of walking in their purpose.

Thrive consultation is provided currently in the Change Agent Mentor program and individual and group consultation is to be offered in upcoming online courses, conferences, and retreats. 

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