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There are currently 3 ways to work with me

• Change Agent Mentor Program
• Kingdom Business Consultation
• PowerUP Programs and Community                    Collaboration

I get so excited when I think of how powerful you are! Join me as you embark on a journey of empowerment towards the passions and purpose that God blessed you with. Change Agents come in at different ages and stages, therefore, I have developed 3 programs to specifically impact and develop change agents.


Change Agents Mentorship Program


Change Agent Mentor Program is a 12-month consulting and coaching program designed for college graduates. College graduates complete a 2-week consultation and coaching program in June of each year. During the 2-week period graduates, clarify and connect with their values and passion, they develop their own power statement and power message, receive coaching on empowering their voice and message, and develop an action plan on applying their empowered plan.

Throughout the 12-months of the Change Agent Mentor Program, mentors receive a consultation that helps them to realign and reconnect to their passions and goals and encourage further success while walking within their identified passion. 

They receive one-on-one mentorship from Dr. Sarah Mac and collaboration and networking opportunities. They further complete service programs that allow them to practice public speaking and promote their power statements to local youth.

PowerUP Programs and Community Collaboration


PowerUP Programs are public speaking talks that provide empowerment for the general community. PowerUP public speaking events cover topics such as wellness, health, spiritual integration, life balance, and identity development. These speaking engagements are open to groups that vary and include students, business leaders, mental health forums, young adults, mothers, parents, early-career professionals.


The PowerUP program extends to building community networks and collaborations and also includes consultations for community organizations that request PowerUP talks for the youth they serve.

Kingdom Business Consultation


Kingdom Business Consultation is specifically designed for individuals contemplating entrepreneurial pursuits and business. Specifically, Kingdom Business Consulting focuses on building the kingdom of God through empowering the many gifts and purposes that are designed to honor God and make an impact on others. Kingdom Business Consultation is a faith-based program that accepts clients of all spiritual beliefs and religious backgrounds. 

The model is developed to explore spiritual gifts and purpose to build businesses, programs, ideas, projects, and careers that are aligned with purpose. The program is based on Jeremiah 29:11 and Habakkuk 2:2-3 and wishes to support clients as they manage the emotional and faith process of walking in their purpose.


Psychological principles of motivational interviewing, cognitive therapy, acceptance commitment therapy and principles of the law of attraction are used to strengthen faith in what God has already said is so! Kingdom Building Consultation is NOT therapy, nor is it spiritual guidance. Rather, Kingdom Building Consultation uses these principles and skills to visualize, strategize and manifest the dreams and visions. The program lasts approximately 4-6 months with ongoing coaching options.

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